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Create 3D drawings, Accurate costing, Professional quotations, optimized Cut List and much more in our software hand-crafted for furniture manufacturers!

Introducing Woodwize

Elevate your furniture manufacturing processes with our cutting-edge software. From hassle-free costing templates to lightning-fast quotes, streamline your operations and watch productivity soar.


Intuitive 3D designer for bespoke furniture


Reusable templates, detailed costing


With your branding, terms & conditions


Procure exactly what you need, when you need



Generate POs from your BOM with shipping details


Production accuracy is now at your finger tips


Optimize Ply cutting list to reduce wastage


Simplified identification & tracking of panels

One Product, Unlimited Solutions

Our mission is to build the only software that you will ever need. So we have worked with businesses like yours to refine every detail of the software until it was optimal for their processes.

Most intuitive 3D designer

Create bespoke furniture designs

Create detailed 3D designs in a few minutes which are exactly as per your measurements for bespoke furniture. With reusable templates create new furniture in a couple of mins.

  • Save your designs as templates
  • Reuse your templates to create new furniture
  • Generate costing, quotations from the design
  • Generate BOM, cut list & cutlist optimization instantly
3d furniture designer

Accurate & Repeatable costing

Gain confidence in your costing

No more struggling with error-prone spreadsheets or providing lumpsum fixed per sqft rate in this rapidly changing market. Get clear, repeatable, accurate costing of every furniture before you quote.

  • Repeatable template-based costing
  • Create comprehensive & detailed costing
  • Adhesive costs, edge-banding, modular fixtures & more
  • Drill into the smallest details

Professional beautiful quotations & invoices

Effortless quotations & invoicing

In a few clicks, generate quotations from your costing by simply adding your profit margins. After approvals, generate GST proforma invoices to collect payments!

  • Costing to quotations in 2 clicks
  • Quotations to proforma invoices even faster
  • Professional, beautiful, with Your Branding

Effortless material acquisition

Bill of Materials in a breeze

In a blink of an eye, your BOM will be ready to be sent to your acquisition department and issue for production.

  • BOM separated by Ply, Laminates & Hardware
  • Know the exact length of Edge Banding required
  • Plywood optimized to reduce wastage

Directly from your BOM/BOQ

Purchase Orders with easy sharing

In a few clicks, you can generate purchase orders directly from your BOM. Select your supplier, where you want the order to be shipped and we will email it on your behalf

  • Store your supplier/vendors
  • Generate PO from your BOM/BOQ
  • Provide shipping details
  • Easily send by Email/Whatsapp or download
purchase orders

Smooth Production

The most comprehensive cutting list

Every detail you add to your furniture plans, goes to your cutting list. This list will take you from production to packaging & assembly without any confusions!

  • Dimensions before/after banding
  • Banding, grooves & other details
  • Panel numbering for easy tracking
  • Put multiple furniture in production together

Minimize wastage, maximize profits

Reduce Wastage with Cutlist Optimizer

Cutting Optimization diagrams will show you exactly how to place and cut your panels in order to minimize wastage and maximize your profits in a simple and intuitive way.

  • Generated directly from your cutlist
  • Accounts for Kerf/Blade thickness, side wastage
  • Always considers grain direction

Easy tracking

Maximize your production without getting lost!

Even if you issue multiple projects to production, you can still easily track all your panels by simple and effective labels that act as your roadmap.

  • Labels are very detailed
  • Stick them before sawing
  • Maximize your production capacity

There is even more...

With our goal of maximizing your production & making your processes simple we are continuously adding more features.

Task Management

From design, quotation, production, dispatch to fitting. Keep track of hundreds of tasks, their due dates and assignments in a single place.

Furniture Templates

Save templates for all your furniture types. Just enter the dimensions and get accurate, repeatable costing.

Project/Meeting Notes

All the info about your project in a single place will help all the team members stay updated and avoid miscommunication

User Management

Multi user software with fine-grained control of who can see what and do what. Control of information flow always stays in your hands.

Inventory Tracking

Keep track of all your inventory with ease and always have accurate reports of your stock, bill of materials and more
(coming soon).

Production tracking

Track your daily production throughput from each panel saw, edge binder, multi-drill. Find and eliminate bottlenecks and send your production capacity soaring
(coming soon).

Looking for some customizations?

  • Explore our premium development services to accommodate your specific needs.
  • Get software customization aligned with your distinct business processes.
  • Choose the flexibility of running the software on your private cloud or on-premise.


We take a lot of pride in our work & we are forever grateful for the kind words from our customers!

Woodwize has truly revolutionized our operations!

Previously, we grappled with countless hours tracking data across numerous Excel spreadsheets, laborious quotation creation that stretched over days, and questionable data in our production processes.

Thanks to Woodwize, we are now confident about our costs and gained close to 30% improvements in our production capacity.

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