Minimize wastage of plywood with Cutlist Optimizer

Cutting Optimization diagrams will show you exactly how to place and cut your plywood panels in order to minimize wastage and maximize your profits in a simple and intuitive way.

Does your production team end up spending a lot of time trying to figure out the correct orientation and group of panels that should be cut to minimize wastage and increase efficiency. As you might have figured, this is a complex task and no amount of work experience can help us solve it optimally using manual methods.

There are various challenges that also need to be accounted for such as:

  • Aligning panels correctly as per the grain direction
  • Accounting for wastage due to kerf/blade thickness
  • Wastage due to ply boards not being right angled
  • Handling a large number of panels with different sizes and quantities

We use the deeply researched, industry approved algorithms to solve this problem in Woodwize, our complete production management software for furniture manufacturers. Our algorithms take into account all these challenges and returns a configuration that is best suited for the provided group of panels. It will even account for the laminates and veneers that you have already pasted on different plyboards. Combined with our BOM/BOQ module you can get the right material requisition and get into production in no time!

Our Cutlist Optimizer takes care of...

Kerf/Blade thickness

Enter your kerf/blade thickness to account for the wastage accurately in your cutting optimization drawings

Side wastage

Often times Plywood sheets are not cut at right angles, so we allow you to account for side wastages also

Grain direction

The panel cut configuration is generated after accounting the grain direction for your laminates & veneers

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