The most comprehensive cutting list

Cutting list generated from our software will show all you need for production - your order details, which plywood to use, pastings, dimensions without banding and with banding, edge banding details, quantity and groove details

Like it or not, production delays and mistakes are quite normal in our furniture manufacturing industry. The primary cause of this being an incomplete or inaccurate cutting list. Furthermore, when you are dealing with multiple quantities of the same furniture or multiple furnitures in the order, figuring the order of cutting list is very cumbersome and error-prone.

Ideally, we should be able to see all the panels for a given plywood thickness, inner and outer pasting combo so that we can cut everything from that plyboard before moving on to the next one. We also want to view the dimensions of the panel both with and without the banding thickness so that we can cut them accurately. Generating all of this in a comprehensive cutting list is what we excel at in Woodwize!

Our cutting list will show the following details for each panel in your current order:

  • The plywood thickness and brand to be used
  • Inner and outer pasting details
  • Accurate Dimensions of panels to be cut after excluding the banding thickness
  • Which sides of the panel should be banded using which bands and their thickness
  • Finished dimensions of the panel after banding
  • Quantity of this panel to be produced grouped across all your furnitue and their quantity in this order
  • Groove details for this panel
  • Add grain direction right in your cutting list

Cutting list is at the core of our system. All you have to do is carefully create your cutting list along with all your hardware, accessories in correct quantities. From this we will generate you detailed furniture cost, quotation, invoice, bill of materials, consolidated cutting list and cutting optimization across all your furnitures in the order. All from a cutting list!

Lets dive deeper...

Create and reuse our powerful template based cutting lists to store not only your panel list but also your hardware & accessories

Powerful Template Based Cutting lists

Create cutting list only once

For every unique furniture, you need to create your cutting list only once and then save it as a template. In future, quickly use the template, add dimensions and your cutting list is ready.

  • Save your cutting list as template
  • Use templates as building blocks
  • Templates can have other templates inside them

Cutting List & Accessories together

The most intuitive way to create your furniture cutting lists

We divide the furniture into 3 sections - the cutting list, the hardware or accessories and the add-ons. Think of add-ons like a template inside another one. For example you create a cutting list for a drawer with side channels and handle. Now you can add 2 of these drawers as add-ons to the wardrobe. This is extremely powerful and intutive!

  • Add furniture details in a single page
  • Add hardware/accessories with their quantity
  • Add other templates as add-on to your furniture
Cutting List

Minimize wastage, maximize profits

Reduce Wastage with Cutlist Optimizer

Cutting Optimization diagrams are automatically generated from your cutting list. It will show you exactly how to place and cut your ply sheets in order to minimize wastage.

  • Generated directly from your cutlist
  • Accounts for Kerf/Blade thickness, side wastage
  • Always considers grain direction
Cutlist Optimizer
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