Professional Quotations & Invoices

When it comes to custom built furniture, it often takes days to provide your customer with a quotation. This delay often leads to losing precious projects and frustration. There should be a way to reduce this delay.

Once you have your drawings approved, just enter your cutting list. From there we show you a once click costing. From costing, you can generate a quotation with two clicks! No delays and clean simplified process!

Quotations is probably the most important step in your sales funnel of converting a business lead into your customer! Yet, it is often overlooked and slow process. When you don't have confidence in your costing, you will often provide a quote based on per sqft rate. But when it comes to bespoke furniture, every furniture is different. How can you be confident that you are not under-quoting and losing money on the project? Or what if you over-quote and lose the project to a competitor who has a more scientific approach to quotations?

In this day and age of software, it is quite possible to accurately calculate the cost of each bespoke furniture in an effortlessly and reasonable timeframe. When you have the costing available, the next step is to generate professional looking quotations with your branding, address and terms. You should also be able to add your profit margins to each quotation and generate a quote that you can be highly confident about.

Furthermore, there are often times when the quotation has to be changed due to changing requirements and budgets of your customer. Now, you update your drawing and then you have to recalculate your costing and quotation. How many hours have you wasted doing this over and over again? We provide a super simple approach for this. Simply update your cutting list, we recalculate the costing for you. Head over the edit your quotation, and with the click of a button, you can update the quote keeping your profit margins same as before. Could it be any simpler?

After your quoation is approved, you can create your proforma invoice using our software. It will auto calculate the applicable GST. E-invoicing support and GST portal integration is also coming soon!

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