Create Purchase Orders from BOM

Purchase orders are essential part of procurement. But it gets hard to track which parts of BOM have already been ordered, where each PO items are going to be delivered and to which supplier/vendor did you place the order.

With a few clicks, create purchase orders directly from your BOM. Select the items you want to procure, the supplier/vendor from whom you want to procure, delivery address where the items should be delivered. All with a few clicks!

Purchase orders (PO) are generated to procure items based on the bill of materials that you generated for your work order. But considering the variety of items in a general BOM for furniture, you probably procure your materials from multiple vendors/suppliers. This means that procurement manager needs to generate multiple puchase orders for a single BOM. To add to the complexity, you can have mulitple POs going to the same vendor for different projects/work orders. Furthermore, some items get delivered to your factory, some to your office, others to your client address and on and on. Keeping track of so many POs, updating their status can quickly become cumbersome and painful for most businesses.

With Woodwize, you can simplify the entire process to a large extent. From the BOM, to generate a PO, you can select the items and quantity that you want to order. You can also store all your vendor/supplier details and contact info in Woodwize. You can create delivery locations in our system for your factory address, office address and any other locations you might need the delivery at. During the generation of PO you will be able to select the delivery address, the supplier to whom you want to order.

After the PO is generated, you can ask Woodwize to email it to your supplier on your behalf or you can Whatsapp it to your supplier as well easily. In the PO, we will also add the details of the work order against which the PO was created so that when you receive the materials you can easily update the PO status in the system. This feature will save the procurement manager at least a few hours every week, make the entire process more systematic and easy to follow up upon.

After material requisition is complete, you can print out the plywood optimization sheets and labels to hand over the material to your production team.

We are always improving and open to feedback!

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