Generate Bill of Materials for procurement

Bill of Materials/BOQ, a must have document for procurement, is cumbersome to accurately generate it for multiple furniture with varying quantities. Calculating the length of edge banding accurately is even more time consuming.

We make all of this as simple as a click of a button for you. Based on your cutting list of the furniture in your current order, we calculate the plywood count, pasting count, length of edge banding required, hardware required for multiple furniture with varying quantities in your order!

Procurement process starts with the bill of materials/bill of quanties document. However, you might have faced issues generating an accurate bill of materials for the order you want to move to production. There are various challenges you face at various steps:

  • It is challenging to get an accurate count of plywood required of various thickness. This internally requires optimizing the plywood cutting first which is a cumbersome task. So often times businesses resort to calculating the area of the ply required and rounding it up to cover for wastage or adding some wastage percentage based on experience. As a result, sometimes you end up procuring extra plywood whereas other times you would run short of them. All of this leads to wastage, headaches and unnecessary increase in your production costs.
  • Next, your laminates & veneer requirements directly depends on your plywood requirements. Laminates/veneers being quite expense you would usually order them in batches so that you don't procure more than what is required, this paying extra frieght and unnecesarily delaying your production while your team waits for the material to arrive.
  • When it comes to edge banding, you need to calculate the perimeter of every panel based on the laminate/veneer being used. This very quickly spirals into an impossible task and as a result you would order based on rough estimates and reorder if you run out. Again, more wastage, slower production, increased costs.
  • Finally, hardware such as hinges, channels, screws, etc. are required per furniture and when your order contains multiple furniture with varying quantity, it takes time to sum up all the required item counts.

We make this entire process dead simple for you with Woodwize. It all starts with the cutting list. All you have to do is provide us with the cutting list for each furniture in your order. Based on this:

Based on your cutting list, we internally calculate the plywood required across all furniture based on the provided quantity
This allows us to add the exact number of plywood of various thickness you would add to the BOM/BOQ
Based on the plywood number, we know exactly how many laminates & veneer sheets you would need
From your cutting list, we accurately sum up all the perimeter lengths of edge banding. We group them based on their codes and width
Then we sum up all the edge banding lengths and provide you with the exact code with width, thickness and length
For the hardware we sum up all the hardware across your order
All of this is provided you at the click of a button!

A lot more you can do with your BOM/BOQ...

Export to Excel/PDF

You can export the BOM/BOQ to Excel or PDF with ease with project details for easier tracking

Create Purchase Orders

Create purchase orders right from your BOM/BOQ, enter shipping details and email it to your supplier

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