Modular Kitchen Cutting List Generator

Generating cutting list for modular kitchen furniture is a very laborious and time consuming process, as there are so many units of different sizes, shutters, drawers and other variations.

We have created an intuitive step-by-step wizard & configurations to generate your cutting list & hardware for the modular kitchen. As, always, from the cutting list you can generate your BOM, plywood optimization. All of it, in a fraction of time & effort you are used to put in!

Modular Kitchen furniture involves a lot of units of various dimensions, with variations in shutters, drawers & shelves. On one side they are simple, yet complicated. They are simple to understand, but complicated to plan & execute. For each unit the cutting list needs to be generated carefully & precisely. For a medium sized kitchen, this can easily take 5-8 hours of work!

Yet, the process of generating the cutting list is well-defined and repetitive. We love repetitive work! Why? Well, because it can be automated! Work which is not well-defined or has too many ifs and buts, are hard to automate. But for modular kitchens, with some work, the entire process can be converted into a step-by-step wizard where we take your inputs where there are variations possible.

Using our generator, you will be able to generate kitchen units of any sizes, with or without shutters, with or without drawers, of various quantity and sizes, with shelves, channels, hinges and any hardware you might need. The only limitation is that kitchen units must be either rectangular or L-shaped. As we gather feedback, we will be happy to add support for oddly shaped units if needed.

Please note, our goal is to generate the required cutting list for about 80% of the common designs/scenarios, so that we can balance the complexity with the each of use of our generators. If we aim any higher, then the generators will become too complex use. For the remaining 20% cases, the generated cutting list will serve as a great starting point, which you can modify to match your designs. Remember, you are still not starting from scratch, which still saves you time in those uncommon scenarios as well.

Once you have entered you unit dimensions, we will generate the hardware list & cutting list for you. From that, using our costing module, you can generate the costing for your entire modular kitchen! The costing can be customized to have detailed breakdown of your material costs for plywood, laminates, hardware, labor, freight & overheads.

With such a detailed costing, you can quote with confidence! Hence, you can use our quotation module to generate professional looking, beautiful quotations with your complete branding. You can even generate proforma invoices that will calculate the applicable GST. E-invoicing support and GST portal integration is also coming soon!

Once, you are ready to put your kitchen units into production, use our production module, to first generate a detailed bill of materials for procurement. After procurement, you can print out the plywood optimization sheets and labels to hand over the material to your production team.

Hope Woodwize saves you at least a few hours of time every day! We are always improving and open to feedback!

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